Saltwater Fishing

License, Permits and Types of Fish

All Fishing permits and license are included on the West Wind Sportfishing Charter

What is the North Carolina Saltwater Fishing Tournament?

The North Carolina Saltwater Fishing Tournament, commonly referred to at the “Citation Program,” runs from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year. The program recognizes anglers for their outstanding recreational catches of fish most commonly caught in North Carolina.

What is a citation?

A citation is an 8 ½ by 11-inch certificate that is suitable for framing.

How do I know that I qualify for a citation?

Fish that qualify for a citation are of exceptional size. Please review the rules for the tournament listed at the top of the page. For a list of weight requirements and release length requirements, click here NC Citations

What species of fish qualify for a citation?

The fish that are eligible for citations are some of the most common fish in North Carolina coastal waters. For a list of species, click here NC Citations

If I think I have a citation fish, then what do I do?

Visit an Official NC Saltwater Fishing Tournament Weigh Station, there they will weigh your fish or guide you through filling out the paper for a release citation.

Where can I get a fish weighed?

We have nearly 100 weigh stations in coastal North Carolina. Look for the below sign at your favorite tackle store, marina, or pier. For a complete list, click here NC Weighing Stations

What do I need for a release citation?

Release citations have always been awarded on the honor system, you only need a witness to sign the form. You do not have to send in photographs in order to receive your citation.

Does it cost anything?

No. We do not charge for the processing of citation certificates.

Are the forms available online?

Our forms are only available at our weigh stations. For a complete list of weigh stations, click here NC Weigh List

How long does it take to get my citation?

We are currently only able to process citations one time per year. All of the previous year’s citation will be mailed by the following spring.

ncdmfNorth Carolina Coastal Recreational Fishing License
Types and Fees (fees subject to change- visit: NCDENR

Sales Agents

The new license will be available from WRC license agents throughout the state and atany DMF office. The number of license agents will be increased in coastal areas.
Please Note: Blanket Licenses and Blocks of Ten 10-day CRFLs are ONLY available at DMF offices.

Annual License

State Residents*, age 16 or older – $15
Nonresidents, age 16 or older – $30

10-day License

State Residents*, age 16 or older – $5
Nonresidents, age 16 or older – $10
Blocks of Ten 10-day CRFLs (available Jan. 1, 2009) – $150

Lifetime CRFL Licenses

Infant Lifetime: younger than one year – $100
Youth Lifetime: age 1 through age 11 – $150
Resident Adult*: age 12 through age 64 – $250
Nonresident Adult: age 12 and older – $500
Resident Age 65 Lifetime : age 65 and older – $15
Resident Disabled Veteran: 50 percent or more disabled – $10
Resident Totally Disabled: totally and permanently disabled – $10

Fish the West Wind

BIGEYE TUNA – Winter (Jan-Feb)
Bigeye Tuna, Tuna – Thunnus obesus

Atlantic Bonito, Bonito
Sarda sarda

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